Deciding to sell your home

Deciding to sell your home

Deciding to sell your home is probably one if not the most difficult decisions you will make for you and your family and there are certain factors one must take into account before you decide to sell.

The deciding factors are generally down to finances, family, education, health, redundancies, marriage breakdown, business or a work transfer. All in all your decision to sell your property is a very important and emotional decision and needs to be taken slowly and correctly. If you are trying to purchase again you need correct advice as to whether it’s feasible to sell and will you be able to purchase the correct property to improve you and your family’s lifestyle. The logistics of moving, particularly if your moving children to different schools and university’s and most importantly your job and the travel distance to your employment each morning. Are you making life and the lives of your family easier or more difficult all for the sake of a house?
You also need to consider maintenance of a larger property, travel expenses getting to and from your new home, travel expenses of school transport and creches if you have young children.

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