Considering selling your most important investment, your home.

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Are you playing with the idea of selling the family’s most important asset i.e. your home there are many reasons why one may have to consider selling.

There are many examples and reasons why selling your home maybe a sensible option to relieve stress and unleash the equity in your home to recoup money to make your financial life easier and more comfortable.

Various reasons we at sherry property have come across during our daily work of meeting clients are the following:

  1. Trading to a larger property due to your family becoming larger.
  2. Educational reasons large Fees particularly third level.
  3. Transport and infrastructure travelling commitments to your place of work.
  4. Childcare issues re expenditure.
  5. Health issues with regard to trading to a different location to be close to hospitals.
  6. Accident at work.
  7. Sudden disability.
  8. Requirements with regard to having to live on a ground floor due to health issues.
  9. Sudden loss of a loved one.
  10. Retirement.
  11. Loss of earnings due to lack of pension facilities.
  12. Serious illness.
  13. Simply trading to a smaller property as as you have large outgoings on the property you are currently residing in.
  14. Relocating abroad.
  15. Job relocation.
  16. Commuting.
  17. Medical fees / medication.
  18. Medical bills.
  19. Nursing home fees.
  20. Full time nursing required.
  21. Unrealistic debt.
  22. Unable to pay a high mortgage.
  23. Expensive up keep of a property.
  24. Heating costs.
  25. Outstanding bills.
  26. Large getting bills particularly in the winter months.
  27. Your property is simply too hard to maintain.
  28. Safety and security issues.
  29. Flooding issues.
  30. Structural problems.
  31. General repairs and expenditure.
  32. Separation.
  33. Divorce.


There are many reasons were one might consider selling their home as an option to make life easier.

Having such a vast amount of experience we have come across all of these situations I have listed above and thankfully have been able to assist clients reach their goal with the involvement of ourselves as the agent of clients who have had to deal with such issues.

Having worked with so many clients over the years we feel that we have helped and worked for a huge amount of customers and we have helped them to achieve what they have set to achieve.

Having experience counts for a lot when you are trying to work and listen to people’s needs and reasons for selling and to listen to you the customer and what is the best move and decision to make as selling your home is one of most important decisions you will ever make and needs serious consideration before you finally make the decision to sell .

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