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Selling your property and how to achieve the highest price.

Selling your property and how to achieve the highest price here are some tips I have learned over the years.

  • Tips on preparing your property for sale.
  • Preparing your home on the exterior.


Here are some important tips to follow:

  1. Look at the property as if you were the purchaser.
  2. What way would you expect to see the property if you were the purchaser.
  3. Look at the outside:
  4. Does it require painting?
  5. Does it need new guttering?
  6. Does it need a new wooden gate?
  7. Is your driveway untidy?
  8. Do your windows need painting?
  9. Do your windows need replacing?
  10. Is the paint work cracking on the exterior?
  11. Are your pillars cracked?
  12. Does it need to be swept?
  13. Does it need to be power washed?
  14. Does your front door need a lick of paint or a new fresh modern colour?
  15. Paint plant pots the same as your door, check out the new Dulux Colours there are new modern colours available.
  16. Cut your grass.
  17. Do your weeding.
  18. Invest in window boxes they look very inviting and homely.
  19. Clean your windows and have them sparkling.
  20. Cut back unmaintained and untidy hedging.
  21. Remove bins and cars for photographs.
  22. Tidy your back garden.


Interior tips as follows: 

  1. Remove all clutter.
  2. Remove old furniture.
  3. Repaint old furniture.
  4. Repaint garden furniture.
  5. Make your home more inviting.
  6. Make your home more spacious.
  7. Empty the garage.
  8. Clear away all items that are not used daily.
  9. Clean carpets.
  10. Clean tiles.
  11. Remove all items of kitchen worktops and on top of kitchen units.
  12. Repaint if required.
  13. Keep painting neutral.
  14. Repair tiling.
  15. Repair showers if broken.
  16. Tidy away children’s toys.
  17. Tidy away books and personal photographs.
  18. Depersonalise the property.
  19. Clean all mirrors.
  20. Clean your kitchen and bathrooms.
  21. Remove animals.
  22. No odours from animals.
  23. Don’t have animals in the house when viewings are taking place.
  24. Buy some candles.
  25. Buy lamps and display them in areas to create homeliness.
  26. No clothes on the line.
  27. Clear out utility.
  28. Bathrooms and ensuite must be shining.
  29. Shine up mirrors.
  30. Place mirrors in areas to create an illusion of light and space e.g. place a mirror opposite a window to create light in a dark room.
  31. Replace old carpets.
  32. Repaint woodwork.
  33. Fix windows if broken.
  34. Replace handles on doors and presses if broken.
  35. Clean out all fires.
  36. Keep windows clear let as much light in as possible to create space.
  37. Do not overfill any of the rooms with furniture remember less is more.
  38. Repair settlement cracks.
  39. Repair old leaks.
  40. No cracks in ceilings, repair if necessary.
  41. No mildew in bathrooms.
  42. Bedrooms must be clean and tidy.
  43. Replace all bulbs.
  44. Do not place furniture in front of doorways.
  45. Hallway must be tidy remove coats, jackets, runners, trainers and sports gear.
  46. No large pieces of gym equipment in living areas the take up too much space.
  47. Clean the Cooker.
  48. Have all sinks shining.
  49. Remove any items that are not in their rightful place.
  50. Tidy attic make sure there’s a light.
  51. Tidy up curtains.
  52. Place flowers in vases for viewings.
  53. Light the fire if it’s the winter you are selling nothing as welcoming as a fire.
  54. Air fresheners everywhere or place some bread soda on saucer to absorb old smells.
  55. Cut a lemon in half and leave in the room.
  56. If you have any damp, buy a humidifier to absorb it.
  57. Place a single bed in a small room and dress it, do not put a double bed in a room if it’s too small.
  58. Put a small kitchen table and chairs in a small kitchen.
  59. Keep doorways clear.
  60. Remove personal artefacts; i.e. certificates, pictures, and jewellery.
  61. If you have a suntrap outside, emphasis it with a small outside table and chairs.
  62. Make sure your heating system is working.
  63. Leave the heating system on for viewings, particularly if you are selling in the winter.
  64. Leave it on a timer if the property is empty.
  65. Put lamps on timers if the house is vacant.
  66. Repair an old kitchen with white or creme paint and add on a new worktop of required.


I sincerely hope that this may be of assistance when you are preparing to sell, should you require any further advice I would be delighted to help you in any way I can to present your home for sale and also help you to achieve the best price.

Remember you only get once chance to sell and presentation makes all the difference.


Wishing you the very best of luck.

Laura Sherry.