Buying your first home

Buying your first home

When u have decided to take the biggest decision of your life and are thinking of buying your first home, the one simple best advice Sherry Property would offer is that u take your time and be very careful and selective on the location and area in which u would like to live.

Taking into account your spending, budget how much do u have to spend and how much can u afford on your first home.

Decide on whether you are going to live in town or in an out of town location and extra expenses which you may need to take into account like petrol expenses, childminding, crèche fees, bus and train fares, toll fares, yearly maintenance fees and gardening fees.

Simply how much can u afford comfortably.

Have you considered renting a room in the property to pay the mortgage?

Does the property need work, if so have u the time, energy and money to refurbish a property.

Viewing property is best done when your fresh and not tired and always bring an experienced friend with a an open mind with you.

Laura Sherry & Peter Begley

Sherry Property Consultants Drogheda & Dundalk.

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